About Us


We are an eclectic family with different roots and cultural backgrounds with a fantastic wealth of flavors in confectionary. So we decided to offer you that.

Our start-up business is made up of three branches that consolidate our robust start for future additions and ideas.

Sweet Cookies
Decorated with motifs of the different seasons and traditions that we celebrate in the United States, some in Austria and some in Mexico.
These cookies are made with a lot of love and dedication, the filigree work makes the cookie difficult to eat as it is a piece of art, however, the delicious recipe means that when you try it, you will not regret having taken the bite.

Austrian Flavors
They are our pride, we have inherited recipes from the last century from our families where the grandmothers consolidated a united home by incorporating the family to the ritual of making cookies. Getting the ingredients, the perfect temperature of old ovens and wood stoves, and tasting mothers and grandma's cookies, we can gladly say that our mission is fulfilled by rescuing these flavors that should not be lost for all that they represent and teach us.

Rice Mellow Treats
What is special here is the taste and experimentation with different recipes, combinations of textures, colors, flavors and ingredients that make our collection of treats unique. Our treats make your family's special occasions even more special.